The Dotted Invite

Dots CardAs you have probably realized by now, I would rather make my own greeting cards than buy them at the store. Well, same goes for birthday party invitations. I volunteered to make birthday invitations for a friend’s son and his one year old birthday party.

Originally, the party was going to be a Twister theme. Her idea behind it: the first year with her son was like playing the game Twister: it was crazy and all over the place! (In a fun, loving way of course). I thought the idea was super cute, but after buying some decorations, it was hard to tie everything back to the game. So, we ditched the spinner, but kept the primary colored polka dots.

In fact, it was dot-o-rama. We spent 3-4 hours cutting circles of all different sizes for her to make streamer decorations (pictures to come). We cut lots and lots o’ dots. And when I say we cut dots, I mean the Cricut Mini did all the cutting, and we did the gabbing.

The leftover dots were for the invitations. We decided on a simple design – a white card glued on a black background – and added dots and the party details.

Birthday Invite


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